White Alyssum

White Alyssum

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Good things come in small packages, like the adorable, honey-scented petite blooms of Bonnie Plants® Colorful Companions White Alyssum. With masses of tiny white flowers with yellow throats, White Alyssum adds a big impact to flower beds, veggie gardens, or containers. The snowball-like, mounding plants create interest wherever they're grown. Add alyssum to borders, use as a vibrant groundcover, or plant in a hanging basket. The pretty but practical plants help reduce pests and attract pollinators, too. Plant alyssum in the veggie garden, and you're inviting beneficial predatory insects to feast on aphids, helping to protect your harvest. Pollinators adore alyssum, so add the flowers near veggies to boost yields. Alyssum also serves as a trap crop, luring pests like cabbage moths away from your veggies, so plant it near broccoli and cabbage. Not only does White Alyssum work hard in the veggie garden, the flowers look lovely in containers and landscapes. Low-maintenance White Alyssum keeps your garden looking gorgeous from spring until first frost.


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