FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection

FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection

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Flexible color, trusted results. Introducing the FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection, ideal for artists and clients who want beautiful eyebrows without committing to a lifelong shape or color. FADE is a collection of inorganic, iron-oxide-based pigments designed to gently fade out of the skin, with internally-corrected ingredients to prevent warm/red fading.

Clients can enjoy the convenience of tattooed eyebrows without a “forever commitment”, allowing artists to easily refresh their clients’ brows for years to come.

FADE pigments are EU REACH-compliant and offer approximately 12-24 months of longevity in most applications however, results will vary depending on the client and technique.

In the Collection:
8 x 0.5 fl. oz. / 15 ml pigments: 

  • Light Warm Blonde - For golden-blonde brows
  • Light Neutral Blonde - For ash-blonde brows
  • Medium Warm Auburn - For reddish-brown brows (can be used as warm modifier)
  • Medium Warm Brown - For rich-brown brows
  • Medium Neutral Brown - For ash-brown brows
  • Dark Warm Brown - For vivid-brown brows
  • Dark Neutral Brown - For strong-brown brows'
  • Deep Cool Brown - For blackish-brown brows
  • 1 FADE Eyebrow Pigment Color Chart - For easy pigment selection
  • COMING SOON: FADE Eyebrow Pigment Color Course - For in-depth pigment theory and knowledge

Pigment Temperatures: Warm, neutral, cool

Opacity Levels: Low, medium

Fitzpatrick Skin Type Suitability: F1 - F6

Hair Colors: All


  • 8 x 0.5 fl. oz. / 15 ml pigments
  • FADE Eyebrow Pigment Color Chart
  • FADE Eyebrow Pigment Color Course



  • Gentle fading without color changing 
  • Internally-corrected ingredients prevent warm/red fading
  • High pigment load for a maximum color pay-off
  • EU REACH-compliant
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Made in Germany
  • Airless bottles for minimal exposure to air and ease dispensing
  • 4-year shelf life unopened. 6 months once opened


Pigments, Water, Ethanol, PEG-8, PVP/VA Copolymer, Glycerin and propylene glycol (see MSDS for full ingredients of each pigment)



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